First of all, let me start by saying sorry… I’d promised myself I’d write at least once a week and well… that hasn’t happened. Lately I’ve felt somewhat uninspired to write. So this week, I’m going to write about writers block! Yes, I do understand the irony of that.

You know when you go to write something, be it an essay, blog post, awkward confrontational Facebook message, etc, and you just open the page and sit there staring blankly at that flashing little curser (you know, the one that comes up when you’re typing and flashes when you stop, as if to say “oh come on, seriously? Keep going”). Yeah, that. I’ve had that for a while now. Every time I go to write a post, I start and say to myself writers-will-get-this_o_515044“Yeah! This is going great!” Then get 100 words in and just… stop. Blank. Nothing. Every thought in my brain other than “what’s for lunch?” goes out of my head RIGHT when I need them. The thing is, I had so many ideas when I first started this blog and for some reason, those ideas have just become two-dimensional. I started rationalising not writing by saying “oh, I have exams! I can’t possibly spend a single minute writing a blog post!” then it turned into “oh, it’s Christmas! Nobody will read my blog, everyone is doing other things!” then that evolved into “oh, I’m going overseas, I couldn’t possibly write whilst I’m lying on a beach doing literally nothing else!”… And now here we are.

I was going to write about the whole Essena social media war (surprise, surprise, I started writing a post and then gave up half way), but I’d then told myself “ooh I should wait and see what happens, because it keeps snowballing and more and more people are weighing in”. I’d planned this mini-debate with myself which was going to discuss both sides of the story. The issue with social media these days is by the time things simmer down and you have enough information to write a really good, thought-provoking post… nobody cares anymore.

My challenge this year is going to be to balance uni, an internship, a job, and write blog posts about things BEFORE they become irrelevant. To be fair, I’ll probably still write a blog post about Essena and what’s been happening now, after all the hype has died down a bit. Or even just about social media and body image, as these are both things I’m really passionate about (as I’m sure you’ll come to find if you keep reading my blog… assuming my writers block clears up).

Maybe I’ll have a look through this article about writers block and how to overcome it… It pretty much sums up what I’ve been trying to say, so with any luck it’ll be helpful! Fingers crossed their tips work!

So as expected, I don’t know what else to write… so toodlepip! Have a good day/week/month/year, and I’ll see you when I feel inspired… hopefully


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